New Visitors at the Guard House

Posted: 10th July 2022

Birds Nesting

One of our bird boxes already has new residents.

These two turn up every day.

Radio Interview on Opening of Sociability with Sidra Naeem DL

Posted: 4th July 2022

Opening Date

Posted: 26th June 2022

Sociability Opening Day

Sociability will be open on the 1st July 2022 at 12pm.

Peaceful Pony

Posted: 3rd May 2022

Sociability are now working in partnership with Peaceful Pony

Equine Facilitated Learning is an experiential learning approach that promotes the development of life skills for educational, professional, and personal goals through equine-assisted activities.

It is the process of learning about oneself and how one is in the moment - developing self-awareness. Therefore, once aware, we can explore what happens when we change. Most importantly, we can nurture the skill of self-regulation.

Holly, the founder of The Peaceful Pony, is a Qualified Mental Health Nurse specialising in Equine Facilitated Therapy, Mindfulness, Behavioral Family Therapy, Personal Coaching and Solution Focused Approaches.

Sociability is now able to provide this unique opportunity to our service users. Our partnership will bring the expertise of both services together to promote mental health recovery in this equine manner.

To see what other activities and sessions are available, click here to go to our sessions page.