Activities & Sessions

Sociability provides a variety of meaningful activities designed to challenge unhealthy
patterns of behaviour and improve mental wellbeing.

Sessions are decided upon by the majority of the participates.

Please express interest if you would like us to form the following groups and sessions

Adult Learning

A range of different online courses designed to improve skills or refresh previously held knowledge will be available to select from. An example of which could be: English, Math, Science, History, I.T and Space, or we are happy to try to facilitate your requests.

Transgender Tips & Advice

A safe and confidential environment to meet and share advice and tips. Unload unwanted burdens and speak to like-minded people. Live how you want to live, support others to support you in your community. If you feel different on the inside to how you may appear on the outside, then express your interest to form a group for you.

LGBTQI+ United Support Group

A support group designed by and provided for people whose identities are affected by issues associated with their identity. It is not a person's identity that causes a mental health issue, it is the discrimination and stigma associated with it that we reject. Sociability invites you to make this session yours, build connections within the community in a safe and confidential environment.

Sociability do not currently provide any form of drop-in or walk-in service. Sociability strictly provides a reserved places only facility!
For information on Personal Health Budgets or to reserve an assessment, please use our Personal Health Budget form.
Personal Health Budget Form: Click here

*All available sessions at Sociability can be accessed by a personal health budget.

*If you are concerned about your physical health, before taking part in any of the available sessions please speak to your GP. If you feel any health issues while taking part you must stop and tell a member of staff.


Sessions are currently only available via a pre-booking service. The best way to do this is by using our PHB contact form here. There is no walk-in service, please do not attend for a drop-in service. Sociability currently do not provide this service.

Once an activity is fully booked, Sociability reserves the right to withdraw this activity for the duration of the course. Therefore, places are limited. Sociability will continuously add new options for activities and provide updates for anyone who expresses an interest in attending.

*Sessions are subject to short notice change and updates where necessary.